Our 2018 breeding program is now complete and our does have seem to have settled nicely for an early Spring kidding season.  Check out our couples under the “Our Kids” tab.  If there is a particular pairing you are interested in send us an email and get your name on our waiting list for spring 2019 kids.


Turtle Mountain Fainters is very proud to add to our herd 4 beautiful does all the way from Vermont USA, and one VERY handsome buck.  

It was quite a process and quite an experience and we are so pleased they arrived safe and sound.  Information on the new additions can be found in the Does / Bucks and kids pages.

Welcome to Turtle Mountain Fainters!

Nestled in beautiful Southern Manitoba, we own a small family hobby farm and are slowly and deliberately growing our herd of registered myotonic (fainting) goats. We adore our goats!  Each one is playful, gentle, smart and absolutely beautiful, with their own very distinct personalities.

We have a clean and tested herd, and will continue to ensure sales of only healthy goats.  Our herd has been tested for Johnes (both ELSIA and pooled PCR fecal), CAE and CL.  All of our goats tested negative.  We will test any new additions to our herd prior to any exposure. We take our herd health very seriously.  For copies of our testing results, please message and we are happy to provide documentation to any interested buyers.

We are proud registered members of the Myotonic Goat Registry.