Barnyard Buddies

Our farm is open to several other barnyard buddies, here is the rest of our furry family.


 Gordon & Gracie (Boer X Kiko)
These two bundles of energy came to us from a meat breeder just outside of Conrich, AB. Christine immediately discovered their abundance of personality they possess and decided that she wanted a different fate for them and offered them to us as bottle babies.
They came to live with us when they were 10 days old and have become our resident yard goats / lawn mowers, and a welcome addition to our family.
These two are pets and are not part of our myotonic herd or breeding program.
 Mya (Bull Mastiff)
Mya is our resident lap dog / bed warmer.
She came to us as a rescue at 5 weeks old and has fit right into our family of crazies.
 Murray (Husky X Shepherd)
“Furry Murray” is one of the smartest and loyal dogs I have ever met. We got Murray from the AB rescue agency ARCS when our family first moved to the country, as a “protector” of the little dogs, Max and Maggie. Not sure who protects who but he is certainly an important family member.
Murrays hobbies include chasing gofers and any other rodents he can find, digging holes and playing with his best friend Max.
 Maggie (Miniature Schnauzer)
Maggie is everyone’s sweetheart. She is very timid and gentle, everyone loves Maggie. Maggie was our first rescue in the fall of 2010. She has become inseparable from her best friend Mya.
 Max (Miniature Schnauzer)
Max is the one who started all this craziness, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Max is the most ‘talkative” of our little pack, and makes it his personal mission to keep everyone in line.
 Kenny (Siamese – Lilac Point)
Kenny “Puma” was our big dumb kid, but we loved him very much. Sadly Kenny crossed to Rainbow Bridge this past winter of 2016. We miss you buddy!
 Alice (Siamese – Lynx Point)
Alice is our house cat who has earned the right to never set foot in the dirty outdoors. Going on 16 years old, she is still the boss of the house and even Max doesn’t mess with her. She is as spry as ever and with a little catnip, you would swear she was still a kitten.