Our Bucks

Our bucks have been carefully selected for overall health and wellbeing, gentle temperament and outstanding conformation and coloring.  These traits are important to our future as we strive to improve our herd with each generation and continue the preservation of the myotonic breed.

  Chinook Fainters Prancer
Date of Birth: March 16, 2016
Color: Tri-color
Eye Color: Marbled Brown
MGR Registered # C8213
Sire: Twilight Acres Elvis MGR #C0984
Dam: Klassen’s Priscilla MGR # C3817
  Chinook Fainters Tiny Tim
Date of Birth: May 4, 2016
Color: Brown with Black
Eye Color: Marbled Blue
MGR Registered # C8997
Sire: Goats R Us Jax MGR # C6949
Dam: Northstar Gems Faith MGR # C6521
  Northstar Gems Caleb
Date of Birth: May 3, 2017
Color: Tri-Colour
Eye Color: Blue
MGR Registered # D3684
Sire: Northstar Gems Charlie MGR # C6533
Dam: Moonstars Lil Tawny MGR # A6409
 Northstar Gems Bocephus "Little Bo"

Sorry Ladies, Bocephus is a wether