Sales Policy

Reserving / Waiting List: We do offer a waiting list for upcoming kids and future sales, based on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to retain and kids born at our farm prior to being offered to the public. Please email us if you are interested in joining our waiting list!

NO SINGLE GOAT SALES:   We at Turtle Mountain Fainters believe that goats are happier and healthier when within a herd, for that reason, we will not sell single goats unless you currently own other goats

Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price is due within 7 days of the buyer agreeing to purchase our goat(s). If the deposit is not received within those 7 days the goat(s) will go back up for sale. So please be sure you want to make this purchase! If the buyer backs out of the sale or fails to pick up the goat(s) on agreed upon date with no prior arrangements made, the deposit will be forfeited. A deposit may be returned if the animal becomes sick or passes within our care. We reserve the option to cancel a sale at any time, returning your deposit, if we feel it is in the best interest of our goat(s). It is very important to us that our goats are well loved and looked after

Final payment must be in cash at time of pick up.

We do not disbud our goats. Should you require any of our goats disbudded, payment in full must be made at time of deposit and you will be responsible for any vet fees incurred.

Registration: All our doelings/bucklings will be registered with the MGR, completed transfer forms will accompany goat(s) when they leave the farm. Forms can be completed for wethers as requested.

WE DO NOT SELL OUR GOATS FOR SLAUGHTER!   So please contact us only if you want to add to your family, not your  freezer.